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Guiding Maritime Cyber Security for risk reduction and increased profitability

Cyber Risk in Global Maritime

The maritime transportation sector is a rapidly evolving business environment, requiring the optimum utilization of I.T. and O.T. resources to stay efficient and competitive. Digital transformation brings new cyber based risks which threaten significant disruption to an organisations operations, brand and balance sheet.

In order to meet the challenges of diminishing the risk of cyber hacks, establishment and implementation of an information security framework is a key and fundamental consideration which the board must adopt as its own.

Whilst many tools and services exist to build and monitor a secure perimeter around data, these systems are far from flawless as past incidents will demonstrate. Encryption is the only answer. Scentrics has removed traditional obstacles of cost, scalability and for the very first time, made security and privacy a one-click service, for all maritime use cases offering immediate protection.


Protect your organisation from threats, comply with regulation

Scentrics Maritime Cyber Security Services provides a full service solution designed to meet the needs of all cyber security requirements in the sector. As shipping businesses embark on their information security journey, Scentrics should be considered at the outset as being the quickest and most cost-effective remedy for the short, medium and long term. Scentrics provides organisations with a governance policy framework and technical capability to manage risks in accordance with local, international and sector related regulatory standards.

Full Service Cyber Security Provider

Identify  •  Protect  •  Detect  •   Respond  •  Recover


Scentrics Advisory

Consulting led cyber security service. Taking pride in understanding
and protecting customer’s business and operations.

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Scentrics SaPaaS

The world’s first scalable, post quantum Cyber Security and Privacy Platform.

just plug and go…


Scentrics Partners

Developing strong partnerships to provide scope and choice, ensuring the best solutions are available to meet customer needs.


Scentrics SOC

Dedicated to monitoring, reporting and responding to incidents or threats.

Scentrics offers a full consulting led cyber defence service. It takes pride in protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity, Non-repudiation and Availability of our customer’s I.T. business processes and systems.

Our highly experienced consultants use tried and tested methods to assess an organisation’s level of security readiness to provide board level recommendations. All advise takes into consideration risk, budget, regulatory requirements and speed of implementation.

Scentrics’ objective is to ensure clients continue to operate ‘business as usual’ even when under attack by a sophisticated and determined threat actor.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Audit and protective monitoring policy
  • Evaluation of I.T. and O.T. risk
  • Governance and risk assessment
  • Baseline Policy
  • Implementation of Information Security Governance
  • Global Information security policy creation and awareness
  • Cross border control of security policy
  • Legal and regulatory compliance with industry regulators
  • Encryption policy and procedures
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Staff awareness and training.