The Scentrics API

World’s first plug and go privacy API for App Developers.

A server centric key management service providing the foundations for millions of secure applications.

The Past

Developers are traditionally required to invest in and build a bespoke approach to encryption. This is expensive and each application needs a bespoke approach.

The Future

Scentrics’ API means developers can focus on their application and let Scentrics power their security. It is a low-cost, single solution to all apps which is standards based and is now ready for Internet, Web and mobile connections.

Scentrics API

Scentrics offers developers an easily implemented approach to privacy through one-click, standards-based encryption for mobile and web applications, offering control and protection to consumers

  • Gives developers an automated key-management solution, so they can continue to develop their apps, and leave privacy to a trustworthy third party
  • Builds up trust and loyalty with users due to the assurance of data security and privacy
  • Simple to add and effortless to manage

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The Scentrics SDK makes it easy to add Scentrics privacy and encryption into iOS and Android apps. Visit our registration page to download