Scentrics SaPaaSTM

Security and Privacy as a Service

Post Quantum Security Made Simple

Scentrics SaPaaSTM provides security and privacy out of the box. It removes the complexity and cost traditionally associated with the use of cryptography. It delivers a cost effective and simple means to implement the most robust protection for data available across all your corporate or personal assets.

The system comprises:

  1. A patented global, 24/7 key management service, uniquely architected to deliver an independent key for every piece of data.
  2. A complementary client library distributed via cross platform Software Development Kit’s (SDK’s) which enables Standards-based encryption to  be used within your everyday applications and systems.
  3. Privacy Accounts. A simple means for any user or device to access the SaPaaSTM platform.  Obtained through a simple registration.

The Benefits

  • Data is never sent to the SaPaaSTM. This means Scentrics never sees your data.
  • Keys are never stored on the client device. If the device is lost or stolen your data is safely locked away.
  • The data owner always has full control of the encrypted data and the keys which protect it.
  • Unlike traditional systems, keys are distributed for individual items and not per user; e.g. individual emails, files or messages can have their own unique keys. No other system provides this level of granularity at scale.
  • Policy controls allow data owners to determine who, what, when and where keys can be accessed. Together with granularity, this creates a powerful policy control system.
  • The SaPaaSTM operates at global scale.
  • Very low TCO, comprising a single setup fee and low annual fee per Privacy Account.
  • Seamless for end users – accessing the service is as simple as entering a username and password.
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems and applications.
  • The SaPaaSTM fully adheres to all major legal and regulatory requirements (SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA etc.)

Policy Control Engine

The power at the heart of the Scentrics SaPaaSTM is its policy control engine. This enables simple and fast implementation of bespoke policy controls based on the needs of each individual use case. Simple examples include, restricting access to keys based on domain or location, withdrawing access to keys (from users, devices, sensors etc.).

No use case is beyond the scope of the service.

Reliable, Scalable, Fast

Built using a microservices architecture hosted on multi-region cloud based servers Scentrics’ SaPaaS provides a resilient, secure, globally scalable, highly available service with extremely fast response times. Built on industry standards coupled with our own patented techniques the SaPaaSTM can be relied on to deliver security and privacy that aligns with your organisations needs and remain compliant with all current data protection regulatory frameworks.

It’s inherent flexibility allows it to be used almost anywhere and in any situation that requires data to be stored or transmitted and, as your encrypted data is never sent through or stored on Scentrics servers, there is negligible bandwidth overhead but more importantly – you stay in control and can be certain that your data remains your data!

For organisations wishing only to share secure data internally or store it within their own network, a private SaPaaSTM can be deployed on-premise to further guarantee that no external parties can ever be granted access to their keys or to their SaPaaSTM; hence if the organisations secured data is ever leaked by accident or design it remains encrypted and secure.

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