Enterprise Secure Email

Email Security Made Simple

Encrypted email service using Scentrics patented centralised key management platform. Policy driven and regulatory compliant.


Protect your email data inside and outside your networks

Enterprises looking to send data with more protection can use Enterprise Secure Email to encrypt their content with rich security policy controls.

Enterprise Secure Email Features

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Encrypt Attachments

Encrypts the email and attachments.

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Security Controls

Complete control of who can view content.

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Seamless Integration

Works with Outlook, Android and iOS with simple setup.

About the Product

Secured with the Scentrics patented centralised key management platform this email service delivers the highest levels of security whilst harnessing unique features including rich security policy controls.

Scentrics’ secure email service is the first of its kind. Enabling administrators to deliver a legal and regulatory compliant, policy driven secure email solution with low administrative overhead and low total cost of ownership.

Support for Outlook and all major mobile email clients, the Enterprise Secure Email suite of apps caters for any busy workforce.

Key Security Features

• Keys and data never stored together

• AES-256, Post Quantum

• Fully Legal and Regulatory Compliant

• Users’ email is never sent to the Scentrics server

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How it Works

Simply register your users’ email addresses and install the required Enterprise Secure Email application.

Now send emails as normal. Users can choose when to send secure or administrators can control when to send secure according to policy controls implemented by the organisation.

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Download for your Device

Scentrics Enterprise Secure Email is available for Outlook, Android, and iOS. Send email securely from your device.


About the Scentrics Platform

Engineered from research with Europe’s leading academics. Scentrics’ patented centralised key management platform solves the long-standing barriers in cryptographic key exchange. In doing so Scentrics has unleashed a powerful service providing scalable, secure and cost-effective key management. The cumbersome and costly services of traditional PKI are now not fit for purpose.

  • User data is never shared or stored on Scentrics’ servers
  • Keys and data only come together on the user’s device
  • Unique keys generated for every discrete piece of data or
  • transaction
  • Policy can be applied to individual keys
  • Data can be control through ACL for data anywhere in the world

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