Overview & Vision

Seamless Patented Encryption

Scentrics provides easily implemented patented encryption technology that can be used by any application to protect content stored on a device or sent to another device. This delivers personal privacy for all devices, apps and platforms on the internet giving users full control over who sees what information.

Security and privacy is costing the world an estimated $455B every year. Hardly a week goes by without another significant breach of security or privacy appearing in the media.

Previous attempts at addressing this opportunity have been bespoke, highly customised, expensive and not scalable.

Scentrics is delivering this innovative and disruptive technology to all Software Developers who by using standards based encryption have a low-cost way of delivering privacy for their applications.

This IP has been developed by global experts in cybersecurity, machine learning and software engineering. For the first time this is a solution that balances the needs of civil ethics and national security.

As Tim Berners-Lee made the internet usable for the masses with the World Wide Web, Scentrics is set to revolutionise privacy for the internet – making it available to the masses through the concept of a “Personal Privacy Account”.

With the most sought after patents for cyber security now owned by Scentrics; its first major customer about to launch, a Software Development Kit ready for market – the stage is set for full commercialisation of this capability.

Scentrics: The time is right for a new approach

Scentrics’ high value, patented IP allows telcos, developers and businesses to meet a new demand for privacy, the biggest growth market today. Scentrics gives every user easy access to encryption to protect and control their data through their own Privacy Account – empowering users with the tools to manage their privacy across all devices, platforms and applications. This is the new ‘utility’ that delivers a mass market, affordable solution that is a win for: consumers, business and governments.

This is affecting every area of society; Company valuations; Government Policy; National Defence; Corporate Governance to name just some of the areas where society is being impacted by this challenge.

Scentrics has created the world’s first standards based privacy protocol for the internet, which gives developers a standard, replicable way to add privacy to applications. This server based IP has a very high barrier to entry with the following revenue streams:

  • A SaaS Key Management Platform – “Privacy Accounts” for all
  • An Application Programming Interface (API) now ready for all major platforms.
  • White label Mobile Application for secure sms and email (with other pivotal apps to follow)

Scentrics can encrypt all content

This solution is highly disruptive. Social media and other technology companies rely on being able to form detailed profiles on users by using big data techniques to understand user behaviour and preferences. Scentrics can encrypt all content; photos, videos, messages and files. However, as Scentrics doesn’t store data – solely the management and distribution of keys we are in an ideal place to mediate between consumers and vendors. Using Machine Learning techniques to enable vendors to have profiling information, without seeing the detailed content and with the permission of consumers.

This is set to have a transformational affect in the market. A tremendous opportunity for Telcos and Application Developers to differentiate themselves. In addition for investors –  there are a broader set of exciting opportunities that could have a fundamental affect on the way consumers, enterprise and government all interact with the digital lifestyle.