Global Digital Privacy Solved

Enabling Privacy for Digital Lifestyles

Scentrics gives every user easy access to encryption to protect and control their data.

The overwhelming desire for privacy by consumers, the need for enterprise to comply with increasing regulatory requirements and the global cyber security crisis facing governments today is driving the need for scalable, policy led privacy solutions for the entire internet population.

Scentrics, comprising leading academics in the areas of machine learning, cryptography and cyber security, has created a solution that balances these requirements whilst at the same time meeting the needs of national security.


Increase stickiness. Increase ARPU. Win new customers as Scentrics will create a significant point of difference in an overcrowded marketplace.


A standards-based encryption solution that fully supports regulatory requirements and BYOD.


Works with all major platforms. Protects messages and content. One account to manage privacy across all applications. Empowering consumers to take back control of their data.


Protecting against threats to national security while protecting individual user privacy.

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